About Ellyn

Hello there,

It’s not often that you get the chance to harness everything important in your  life and your character for your work, but that is my fortunate story.

The unique concept of writing a letter to your younger self was an idea which persistently knocked at my door for a couple of years, starting in 2001. After finally recognizing that this idea was meant for me to do (duh!), I embarked on a deeply meaningful new career as an author, speaker and entrepreneur.

Working with women in my books, seminars and special events, I trace the contours of their hidden, emotional landscape. Creating the letters is usually an intensely personal, sometimes healing experience. Interestingly, though, there’s an even more powerful dynamic when these letters are shared. Time after time I see that audiences and readers radiate acceptance and validation upon hearing or reading letters. There is more that binds us together than sets us apart.

I’d like as many women as possible to have this experience and to share their life’s wisdom with each other.  Life never stops handing us tricky passages to navigate—why not enjoy the process of drawing meaning from those experiences in the company of other women?

Thanks for visiting me here. If you need more information on my background, here’s my bio and press kit.

What you know now….pass it on!