Canyon Ranch III !

“What a terrific opportunity to look at my life in the biggest picture way possible, under the thoughtful guidance of Ellyn.  Since a look in the rear-view mirror reflects the present, I find it empowering to be aware that if I’m willing to learn through my own experiences, I can be my own best advisor.”  Rose Maloney, 2011 LTMYS Retreat attendee

My favorite part of last year’s Letters To My Younger Self® Retreat at Canyon Ranch (Lenox, MA) was a combined paddle-and-hike amidst the colorful Berkshire foliage with my dear friend Tara Gilvar, co-founder of B.I.G. Here’s a photo of us at the summit!

Made it!

Made it!

This year’s LTMYS Retreat at Canyon Ranch has a couple of new twists.

First, we are targeting women entrepreneurs—small and large. Four super-successful businesswomen, who emerged from Leading Women Entrepreneur’s annual contest, will be there. We’re also expecting women from B.I.G.’s newest cadre of entrepreneurs, Big +Plus.

     The second new twist is that I’ll conduct a Visioning The Future exercise, along with the Letter To My Younger Self® Workshop. The idea: you’ll learn an enormous amount from yourself, as you first look back at a difficult moment and then look forward to envision the future. But you’ll also gain practical tips and tremendous support from the seasoned women around you.

     The LTMYS Retreat dates are Oct. 13 – 16th. The package includes a kickoff cocktail party and group dinner, the LTMYS Workshop, Visioning The Future Workshop, all meals, $260 treatment allowance, access to all indoor and outdoor facilities and over 40 classes a week.

     It’s a great thing–and all too rare–that we make time for ourselves and our personal development. Don’t let this year go by without bracketing some time for reflection.

     We’re taking deposits to hold your place through June 15th. Doubles are $2500. Singles are $2960. For more info on the agenda please contact us at