Letters To My Younger Self Parties!

Three Party Kits ready to goMy grand experiment is underway. To spread the word about What I Know Now About Success—and to enable women to share the letter-writing experience—I recruited nearly 50 women to host Letters To My Younger Self Parties all over the country. Each woman invited 10 friends and, using materials supplied in my Letters To My Younger Self Party Kits, led them through the process of writing and sharing their letters to their younger selves.

Most of these parties took place over the weekend of April 30 – May 2nd and I could not be happier with the feedback I’m getting. Here are a few comments:

This is a brilliant process—watching women who say (including me) they can’t write settle down and write the most amazing things is a real gift. –Connie M. at a Flemington, NJ party

Wow, major success with the LTMYS Party! I’ve known many of the women who attended for 15-20 years, and I learned some new things about them. There were lots of laughs, more than a few tears, and a few friends from different parts of my life who didn’t know each other connected. –Jayne P. at an Amherst, MA party

I have continued to think about the conversations and discussions we had throughout the day today.  And, with all the craziness at work, I think that this exercise has also helped to “re-ground” me. –Mary P. at a Malvern, PA party

I’ve posted a few photos here, but you can see more, as they come in, in my gallery. Don’t miss the beautiful outdoor settings like this spectacular photo of Katie S.’s party in Central Park. Katie's LTMYS Party in Central ParkI look forward to posting some of the letters as party-goers send them in. The key takeaway seems to be how much women find they actually have in common, despite the different paths their lives have taken.

I’m so grateful to the LTMYS Party Hosts, my intrepid partners in this undertaking. THANK you. For me, the experience is confirming my instincts about making the LTMYS Party Kit into a product. As one party guest said, “I’d like to host a similar party because I believe this is a wonderful gift of healing, of affirmation, of applause that women can give to themselves.”

More LTMYS Party Kits are on the way!