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Save the Date: October 16th, 2011 Join me at the first LTMYS Retreat at Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA

Canyon Ranch Retreat

Happy To Share: What You Know Now Wows Me

“You need to learn to open up more and let people know you need help, or at the very least, accept it from those who offer. It’s not a sign of weakness.”

“Just show up. This will eventually become your mantra.”

“Even though there will be others around who will “tell” you what to do because they want it that way, I want you to… just speak your mind.”

“Just hang in there. Though you will feel as if you will never get better and  be the carefree, happy person that everyone knows, you will.” Continue reading

The Hartford Courant: Greater Hartford Women To Participate In First Nationwide Event

Greater Hartford Women To Participate In First Nationwide Event

Women in Connecticut will have the opportunity to join with hundreds of women throughout the country to gain valuable personal and professional advice from an unlikely source – themselves. A first-of-its-kind “Letters to My Younger Self ” nationwide party will take place in local communities throughout the country on November 11, 2010 at 11:00 a.m., and in West Hartford at the JCC of Greater Hartford. Continue reading

Being Boring or How I Flunked Success Step #4

I’ve been stuck on Success Step 4: “You know you are not like everyone else.” This is what cosmetics entrepreneur Bobbi Brown tells herself in high school, meaning ‘You are not tall, blonde, athletic and capable of comprehending Algebra, like all your friends.’ Continue reading

A Letter To My Younger Self about taking back your life

At my bidding, fifty fabulous and intrepid women held Letters To My Younger Self Parties for their friends in May and June. The bonding and outpouring of wisdom in the resulting letters has been so moving that I wanted to share a few of them. Continue reading

Letters To My Younger Self Parties!

Three Party Kits ready to go My grand experiment is underway. To spread the word about What I Know Now About Success—and to enable women to share the letter-writing experience—I recruited nearly 50 women to host Letters To My Younger Self Parties all over the country. Each woman invited 10 friends and, using materials supplied in my Letters To My Younger Self Party Kits, led them through the process of writing and sharing their letters to their younger selves.

Most of these parties took place over the weekend of April 30 – May 2nd and I could not be happier with the feedback I’m getting. Continue reading