Letters To My Younger Self® Seminars

In New York Times bestseller WHAT I KNOW NOW®, famous women write letters to the women they once were, filled with advice and insights they wish they had had when they were younger but had to learn the hard way.

In a Letters To My Younger Self® Seminar, Ellyn Spragins uses the exercise of writing a letter to one’s younger self as a way for outstanding business leaders to share their wisdom with others in their organization.

Target Audience

Leaders who want to share their wisdom to colleagues.

Employees who want to understand how to become leaders, the bumps along the way and practical solutions for overcoming leadership obstacles.

Organizations which seek to offer greater access to their leaders’ deepest values and to intensify bonds among employees.


In preparation for a LTMYS Seminar event, Ellyn collaborates with a panel of three accomplished executives to create letters to their younger selves. Then, during the LTMYS Seminar, she discusses lessons from her books and asks each panelist to read their letter aloud.  After leading a panel discussion about the letters’ messages, Spragins leads the audience in a Q & A session.

Audience Benefits:

Validation                      Even top performers have had their struggles.

Common Ground       You have more in common with leaders than you realize.

Take-Aways                  Pragmatic approaches company leaders have used.

Inspiration                   You can become a star performer too.


Ellyn Spragins has conducted Letters To My Younger Self® Seminars and Workshops at Microsoft, Genentech, The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Lehman Brothers, Citibank and numerous other companies and associations. She was an award winning journalist and columnist at the New York Times and other publications before launching What I Know Now Enterprises, LLC. Her books include WHAT I KNOW NOW ABOUT SUCCESS, IF I’D KNOWN THEN and New York Times bestseller WHAT I KNOW NOW Letters To My Younger Self®.

For more information about Ellyn’s availability and fees please contact Timothy McDonald at The Agency for Speakers and Entertainers: 800.635.8661 or Timothy@agencyforspeakers.com